A Stunning Website is Simply Not Enough to Get Results for Your Business.

We specialise in modern mobile-friendly website design that goes beyond elegant designs, by focusing on improved user-experience, clear messaging, and proven lead generation strategies.

You have a beautiful looking websites that makes your friends say, WOW!

If only they knew that your website doesn't generate much revenue for your business!

We know how frustrating it is to have an under-performing website. You’re not alone! 

You strongly believe that a good website could bring you consistent sales on daily basis, you’ve seen it working for others. But what’s the matter with your website?

Why isn’t it working for you? 

Investing hard-earned money on anything that does not increase your revenue is not only a waste but also becomes a liability. You have to continue paying to keep your website running even though you are not seeing any results from it. 

At this point, some business owners make the fatal mistake of neglecting their websites, as a result, you lose even more, when your customers cannot find your services online, they simply go off to your competitors

You haven’t only lost the sale, but you’ve also lost the lifetime value of your customer!

Having the right website strategy could potentially increase your revenue!

When a new visitor lands on your website they should immediately know what you do, and how your services can help them. Using crystal clear messaging to communicate your key services to your ideal customer is an essential element for the success of your website. 

Your website must have a seamless user experience which guides your customer so they become a qualified lead for your business. Clearly show them the next steps they need to take to get your service and nurture them from a lead to a paying customer. 

Using a proven website strategy will bring new leads and sales for your business, potentially on a daily basis, and ultimately increase your revenue.

Let Your Website be Your Number One Salesman

We will create a proven customer-generating strategy for you, so that your website works as your Number One Salesman, bringing new leads and customers for your business.


I was focusing on old outdated techniques that were not giving me results. After working with Riyaz and following his advice on what was needed for a successful website, it made a huge difference to my business. 


Norman Chen


We have been using Zanor Digital since 2017 and have built many websites with them over the years. Their service is top-notch, and they have always provided excellent support. 


John Wallace

Liverpool, UK

As an education provider we disparately needed to attract new students using the web. The traditional methods were no longer working and our business was struggling. Riyaz provided the perfect web strategy for our business and we have never looked back.



Durban, South Africa